As you probably already know, homosexuality is illegal in Uganda. Many homosexuals are outcasts, because they have chosen to be openly gay. It is not safe anymore to stay in Uganda, since the government does not provide protection to LGTB’ers – this group is even being raped and murdered. In May 2013, a group of LGTB’ers from Uganda came to Secret Garden, in search of support for their cause. The group is growing every day and has become quite large, now. These LGTB’ers found their way to Secret Garden in order to get help. Most of them have run away to the Netherlands, because they couldn’t live openly as homosexuals or lesbians. Their flight was mostly forced, because there was a dangerous climate regarding homosexuality in Uganda.

The group is in need of:

  1. Support concerning their asylum
  2. The opportunity to come together to talk about their sexual orientation and help each other
  3. Sharing knowledge and experiences
  4. Improving the current situation of LGTB’ers in Uganda from the Netherlands

The group would like to organize activities such as:

  1. Gatherings: come together once a month to talk about LGTB-related topics.
  2. Information point: organize an informative help desk, where the target group can go to with questions regarding the asylum procedure, gather information about homosexuality in Uganda, bringing LGTB’ers in contact with each other, and other topics such as discussing the care and housing facilities for the target group.