On behalf of our colleague in Lithuania, UGOM is looking for reliable information that can be cited on the de facto situation of LGBT people in Lithuanias asylum system (only material that is speaking against Lithuania is needed). Especially: Is their safety guaranteed? Do trans people have access to medical treatment / gender reassignment? How are their asylum requests processed, are their sources showing that their asylum requests are not treated correctly, according to EU legislation?

Does anyone have a decision stating that Lithuania is not safe enough for LGBT people, i.e. a European state taking an asylum request at hand for humanitarian reasons even though the first Dublin state was Lithuania? That is what we are fighting for at the moment and positive examples could be helpful. Any one in Lithuania or anyone with a friend in there that is going through hardship with his or her own procedures, feel free to contact us.

Ideally there are only two more days to hand in the respective claim at the court in Lithuania. (no idea how an asylum seeker without an already established local network shall meet such short deadlines…)
Non the less, one can still contact us with regard to this issue on [email protected]
Thank you so much for your cooperation.
UGOM management.
NB: This does not only target Ugandan LGBTIQ asylum seekers or refugees, but it also looks at those from other parts of the world.